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Thank you for choosing New Line Motors Inc. At our dealership, we make every effort to make car buying simple, easy, and hassle FREE! That's why we have designed this page to answer questions that many of our valued customers may have before they even make the trip to our dealership and if we left something out please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. 

Our dealership business model is different than what many car shoppers expect during the car buying process when dealing with a typical dealership, that's why information on this page may help you during your car buying process.

No-Haggle Pricing:

Every vehicle at New Line Motors is priced for the lowest possible selling price. No back and forth dealing with sales managers and wasting hours guessing how much is your vehicle cost. We price for less to sell more and our professional buyers never overpay for a vehicle to make sure our price is one of the lowest you will find. 


We have a NO PRESSURE policy no one is going to ask for any personal information unless you are purchasing a vehicle.  If you arrive and the vehicle you are looking at has not been serviced or detailed or needs additional reconditioning we will be happy to do so. If during the test drive you felt something needs to be checked in the vehicle please let us know. 


We proudly offer financing thru a network of some of the largest lenders in the country with very competitive rates. You don't have to settle for a small finance company or bank with 8 to 5 hours. 


Vehicle History:

At New Line Motors we proudly maintain our store policy of carrying only CLEAN TITLE vehicles. At New Line Motors we provide a free Carfax vehicle history report on every vehicle listed for sale. 

Has a vehicle been in an accident?

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle there is a chance that that vehicle may have been involved in an incident due to the fact that it is "used" and been on the road every day. There are millions of vehicles on the road that been involved in prior incidents. We consider the history of prior incidents when we price a vehicle and we still exclude a vehicle if the carfax indicates “Flood, Total Loss, Manufacturer Buy Backs" 

Prior Repair Disclosures:

If at the time we acquired the vehicle we received information about prior repairs on the structure of the vehicle we will forward that information to you regardless if those repairs are reported to carfax or not and we also will price such vehicles accordingly. "Not every repair is considered a structural repair"

Newer vehicles don’t have the conventional frame instead vehicles are manufactured as a unibody structure "multiple parts that are welded together" therefore any repair, especially on non-bolt on parts, may easily trigger a structural repair disclosure on lease vehicles. Many vehicles on the road have such repairs but are typically disclosed on vehicles sold at auction.  

Is a vehicle with a history report that has no incidents reported better than another that has an incident or more reported?

Not necessary, You often will find a vehicle that has an incident reported and in a better condition than another vehicle with no incidents reported to the history report as used cars come in different condition and wear and tear varies from a vehicle to another and the ones that show incidents are already fixed by the previous owners and you may or may not see a difference and there is no guarantee that the vehicle that has no incidents reported actually never been involved in an incident. Make sure you test drive the vehicle before the purchase regardless of what the carfax says. We also consider the history and the overall condition of the vehicle in our pricing and all vehicles are priced accordingly. 



The Purchaser acknowledges that has had an adequate and full opportunity to inspect the motor vehicle, including without any limitation the opportunity to have a third party of his choice inspects the vehicle. 




 All prices are clearly marked online and on the lot. Simply add applicable sales tax according to your zip code, title, registration, temporary tag fee total of $38.50, and $250 documentation. 



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